September 2019
Welcome back to the world of apertus°
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Development Updates
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Episode 1
New Series of AXIOM Team Talks
Sebastian and Max are back with a new series of AXIOM Team Talks shot during Summer 2019.

These updates cover all project related developments from enclosure prototyping to firmware improvements. As usual accompanying website articles have been published.

Video: AXIOM Team Talk 15.1
Previous AXIOM Team Talks archived: apertus° Wiki

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AXIOM Beta Compact enclosure assembly
AXIOM Beta Developer Kit shipping
AXIOM Beta Developer Kits (without enclosure) are shipping with a five week lead-time. If you think the camera would help your project but have questions then please email us on
Here's what a world-class engineering team who recently implemeted the camera into their existing systems had to say:
"The apertus° camera is enabling our innovation team to experiment with offload processing to the camera as well as processing raw sensor data in real time. This camera provides us with greater diversity of information, resolution and sheer capture speed than other products at this price point. Being open source keeps our development up-to-date and open to changes at the speeds we need to make them. The first stage of our innovation project has to do with object tracking and training. We plan to move on to both indoors and outdoors use cases for an important area of our organisation and the automotive industry in general: safety and driver experience." - Victor Cepeda, CEVT.
Project Wiki
All technical documentation is make available on the project's Wiki. If you've never visited this aspect of the project before you'll find that information is deep and informative.
If you're looking for a task to get into AXIOM Beta development we are happy to support you with getting started and answering any questions you might have: get in touch with us.