July 2018
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Development updates
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AXIOM Beta Heat Sink Injection Moulding
Injection moulding
AXIOM Team Talks
At the end of June we shot a good deal of footage for a series 14 of Team Talks. All major aspects of camera development were covered.

AXIOM Team Talk 14.2 - SDI plugin module, IMU, Power Board and Enclosure Progress

AXIOM Team Talk 14.1 - Moving Facilities, Updates and GSoC Projects
Injection Moulding
In July we visited the project's chief engineer to get an update on perfecting a new kind of heatsink for the camera that's made using new injection moulding techniques. We're pleased to report that, after a long process of trial and error, these new heat-sinks look perfect and bring marked improvements to reducing the running temperature on the camera's MicroZed. This will be one of the items covered in AXIOM Team Talk 14.3
AXIOM Remote
There has been some CAD work and new concept renders this month. When the design of the enclosure is settled, and prior to having aluminium milled, the next step would be to 3D print enclosure parts to make sure they all fit together nicely. New render and general status/background can be found on the project's Wiki. If you have programming experience then the software for UI is something that could really benefit from your assistance.
GSoC Student Progress
If you have an interest in programming then you might like to see excatly what our Google Summer of Code students are working on. We get progress reports from all students each Monday at 17:00 (UTC) across our IRC channel. Here are the logs for the last four meetings:
github apertus labs wiki
Photon SDI Hackathon
Photo taken during the SDI Hackathon (covered in Team Talk 14.2)
If you are looking for a task to get into AXIOM Beta development you might consider the following a good starting point (we are happy to support you on getting started and answer your questions - get in touch with us):
Linux Kernel Driver
The AXIOM Beta features an FTDI connected to the ZYNQ JTAG port and internal I2C bus. While the FTDI JTAG can be already used with OpenOCD, the I2C bus is missing kernel support.
Task 730 - Linux Kernel Driver for AXIOM Beta Debug Interface
USB3.0 Plugin Module
The AXIOM Beta will soon feature a USB 3.0 Plugin with a Lattic FPGA to transfer raw video data via USB. Immediate goals are to implement gearwork and communication interface, implement link training, and to simulate/test the interface and gearwork. HDL and SERDES Know-how required.
To correspond, a PC-side receiver is reliant on the successful completion of this task.
Task 885 - USB Module Gearwork